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Cash discounting is the offering of a good or service at a stated sales price and passing on a fee of up to 4% to the consumer, if the consumer decides to pay for that service using a credit or debit card. 

Axe Payments strives to make the cost of accepting credit cards as close to zero, as possible. With that said, based on merchant configuration, type of business, charge backs and other factors, fees will vary and may include some (or all) of the following:

  • Monthly program fee (up to $49.95 per month)
  • ACH fees (1% per transaction, if accepted by merchant)
  • Charge back fee ($25 per charge back)
  • Fraud related charge back insurance (.6% fee on all credit card transactions, if elected by merchant)*
  • Tips (3.99% fee applies on tips if tips are accepted as part of the credit card transaction and if the merchant is not using Axe POS) 
  • American Express network fee of .15% (applies to those merchants who accept AmEx)**
  • POS terminal subscription fees (applies to those merchants using Axe Payment POS solution) 
*1. Guaranteed up to $1000 per instance. 
The transaction must be processed on a certified Axe Payments terminal.
  The transaction must include the zip code and CV/CVV number that matches the card used.
The product being purchased must be shipped to the billing address as associated with the card being used.
**Amex network fees of .15% may apply.

Customers who choose to use a card to pay for goods and services will incur a fee not to exceed 3.99% added directly to the sales receipt. The 3.99% fee may be reduced at Axe Payments discretion, based on average sale price and other factors.

Axe Payments is a unique electronics payments company that offers Zero Processing Fees on all of your business credit card transactions. Our Cash Discounting program allows our merchants to offset high processing fees without increasing prices. It is a method of passing a service fee onto card paying customers while providing a discount to those who pay with cash.

Just about any business that accepts credit cards can benefit from Axe Payments. From auto repair shops and daycare centers to retail establishments and professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists and accountants; Axe will put more money in your pocket every month.

Start by completing an online application by clicking here. An Axe Agent will contact you shortly after your submission to walk you through the entire process.

Most consumers understand that by offering a cash discount, business owners are actually trying to keep prices as low as possible for cash paying customers. Consumers are also becoming accustomed to cash discounting – schools, government agencies, Ticketmaster, gas stations and thousands of businesses nationwide have been cash discounting for years.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you want to stop using our Cash Discount Program, we will immediately change you back to traditional interchange pricing, at a lower traditional processing rate than what you currently pay. We got you covered!

Yes! Cash discounting is legal nationwide, per the Durbin Amendment, which allows businesses to offer a discount to customers as an incentive for paying with cash.

Absolutely! ACH transactions generally take 3 – 5 days to settle and Axe strongly suggests merchants delay shipment or delivery of any item paid via ACH until funds clear. ACH fees are subject to a 1% of the purchase price fee, charged to the merchant.

Yes, but the party responsible for paying the fee on the tip amount depends on the merchants processing solution. For merchants using an Axe POS solution, all tip fees will be charged to the card holder. For merchants using a hard (or virtual) terminal, the fee for the tip itself will be the merchants responsibility. 

Yes! Fraud charge back insurance is offered at a .6% fee (applied to all credit card transactions) and offers protection of up to $1,000 per instance, provided (1) the transaction is processed on a certified Axe Payments terminal (2) the transaction includes the zip code and CV/CVV number that matches the card used and (3) the product being purchased is be shipped to the billing address associated with the credit card.

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