Our partner, Axe Payments, based on member feedback has now launched its new traditional processing platform called Quint!

Quint is a new, revolutionary way for businesses to processes standard credit card payments at the lowest possible cost!

Quint also provides its merchants with:

  • A Free Terminal (not a loaner like other company’s)
  • Chargeback / Fraud Guarantee*
  • State-of-the-art Monthly Reporting
  • Patent Pended – Transaction Interchange Management System
  • No Contract
  • And only a $5 per month statement fee (plus interchange/transaction fees)

The Quint platform differs from the Axe Pay Cash Discount Platform in that it does not have you pass through transaction costs to your patron. While the Axe Pay Cash Discount Program is still the greatest savings in the Industry, many members have been looking for a tradition platform that offers many of Axe’s Cash Discount Programs other conveniences.

Axe Payments guarantees that it will beat the pricing of your current processing provider or it will pay you $500! You have nothing to lose! Give us a call today or click below to get started!

*Guarantee up to $1,000 per incident at cost