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    • Our tavern switched to Axe Payments in late 2019.  We have saved nearly $8,000 to date. My only regret is that I waited so long to make the switch. Thank you, Axe!

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      • Tom
      • Owner, Bar
    • Our restaurant chain switched to Axe Payments Cash Discount Program. We are very glad that we did. We anticipate saving nearly $500,000 annually.

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      • Abraham
      • CEO, Restaurant Chain
    • If you are thinking about going with Axe Payments, now is the time. We switched over two months ago and we've never looked back!

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      • Sally
      • Owner, Auto Parts
    •  I am excited to recommend Axe to the entire automotive industry. Bottom line, I am saving a ton of money and have had no pushback from customers.

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      • David
      • Owner, Automotive Business