Introducing Axe Zero Processing Fees Program

Axe Payments is a Tier 1 processor and recognized leader in the credit card processing industry. Our innovative Zero Processing Fees offers merchants:

  • Increased margins, income and profitability
  • Elimination of all credit card processing and equipment related fees (except non-association fees, which include chargebacks)
  • A cash discount for customers who pay cash (or check, if checks are accepted by the merchant)
  • Outstanding 24/7 customer service provided by our award winning Fee Saver Support Specialists team
  • Effortless setup and implementation (generally in under a week)
  • Client signage to satisfy legal requirements
  • Certified, state-of-the-art equipment customized to meet your processing needs – onsite, online or on-the-go
  • And of course, increased margins, income and profitability!
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Axe Payments
Zero Fees Program
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Axe Payments Zero Processing Fees Program –  How much money can you save?

The financial impact of Zero Processing Fees is going to vary based on several factors, including sales revenue, the percentage of dollars being paid for by credit card and your current credit card processing rate and fees.

The easiest way to determine how much money our Zero Processing Fees Program will save you is by looking at a recent credit card processing invoice. Except for a low monthly program fee and any Non-Association fees (which are mainly chargebacks), any fees you see on your invoice will no longer apply. Meaning the amount you were invoiced, minus association fees, is the amount you will save.

Zero Processing Fees will have a profound impact on your business. Margins, profitability and net income will all increase, sometimes dramatically. 

Axe Payments Savings Calculator

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Industries that can benefit from Axe Payments Zero Fees Program

Interior Design Centers

Axe Payments has extensive experience in supplying Interior Design Professionals and Interior Design Showrooms with our patented Zero Processing Fees Program. Our clients are many across the country and in locations such as DCOTA and ADAC. Axe Payments brings more than just comprehensive experience, it brings demonstrated success.

Professional and Trade Services

The professional services industry has already embraced the service fee model. Customers in dire need of urgent services and repairs including, HVAC, plumbing and electric, have no issues absorbing service fees when choosing to pay by credit card.

Apartment Complexes

Similar to auto dealerships, most apartment complexes have had to limit credit card acceptance because of high processing fees. With our Zero Fee Program, if your residents want to make monthly rent payments using plastic, it’s a win-win! Private vacation rental property owners can also use our Zero Fee program to better protect margins.

Eateries, Bars & Nightclubs

No industry may benefit more from our Zero Fee program than the food and beverage sector, which is notorious for low margins and high processing rates. Our proprietary software allows for a tip line to ensure patrons don’t mistake processing fees for tips.

Auto Service and Sales

The days of auto dealerships having to limit the amount their customers can pay by credit card are over. With our Zero Fee program, if a carbuyer has the credit and wants to buy a car using their credit card, swipe away. The dealers margins are protected and profits ensured. The same goes for body shops, garages and towing companies.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

With Axe Payments virtual terminal account management program, recurring payments are easy to schedule and free to set up. Recurring payment processing fees are absorbed by your customers, like any other credit card purchase under the Zero Fee program. Axe Payments loves recurring payments as much as our gym and fitness clients do!

Axe Payments Zero Fee Program

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