Everything Standalone Terminals Should Be

Process anywhere! Whether in store or mobile, coverage is never an issue with our Axe Pay Terminals.
  • Smart, Portable and Handheld
  • Internet, WiFi and 4G Connectivity
  • PCI Compliant

What Is Included

Axe Payments has developed an exclusive (patented) technology, which eliminates a major portion of total card payment processing costs. The payment terminal software program for the Cash Discount is designed to encourage customers to pay by cash or gift card. As part of the regular standard list product pricing a small service charge (either a fixed amount or percentage) is applied to all sales. A discount is automatically applied when customers pay with cash or gift card. No discount is given when paying by debit card or credit card. The patented software automatically determines all discounts and actions based on payment type.

Axe Payments built a secure Level 1 PCI Compliant cloud-based payment gateway for businesses transactions from a variety of different devices, anywhere in the United States. We aim to create a suite of payment industry tools with a business centric approach in mind. It’s time to simplify the complexity of payment gateways and payments industry.

Support available 24/7/365

Dashboard Analytics and reporting are provided to Axe Payments merchants monthly and on demand. Oversee every aspect of your company’s performance: sales, authorizations, and refunds. Limit the number of places used to measure your business. Detect trends and take the guesswork out of your business all in ONE PLACE!

The costly effects of chargebacks hinder your revenue and cause hours of work. Axe Payments will help you to take care of disputes, automate your response to retrieval requests, help fight back against friendly fraud, and recover lost revenue fast.

Watchdog is a fraud management tool used to set rules and filters to zero in on preventing and detecting suspicious transactions. Transactions can be declined/approved pre and post authorization. This fraud deterring tool (Watchdog™) is used for its extensive reporting capabilities, while giving the merchants a simple, fast and effective way to view all of their transactions in one place.

Watchdog is one of the first payment tools to use a machine learning algorithm. Innovative and ahead of its time, models are exposed to new data, while independently adapting to the data as it comes in. More Data = More Security. The most important part of combating fraud is DETERENCE. Monitor your transactions today with WatchDog™!